Does an Electrician Need to Enter My Home?

A major role of an electrician is to tend to your home’s electrical needs, in order to keep you safe. Depending on the kind of work your situation requires, a residential electrical company Parker electrician will decide on the spot whether they need to enter your home to fix the problem.

When an Electrician is Expected to Enter the Home

You can expect an electrician to service the inside of your home when it’s time for electrical safety inspections. This service and inspection is required and mandated every 10 years for homeowners. Rental properties are required to be serviced every 5 years. During these inspections, you can expect your residential electrician to check the function of the circuit breaker. They will inspect to ensure the breaker is maintaining safe levels of current, so it is not at risk of overload. They’ll also know how to look for structural or mechanical problems, corrosion and even water damage. These issues can cause fires if not taken care of immediately.

The electrical meter is also a point of interest in your home. They’ll check your meter for possible defects while they’re logging the correct wattage. It is the law, so they will make sure the meter is installed correctly, checking for rust or water damage that can cause issues with the main electrical service.

Damage or fraying electrical wires can happen over time. The electrician will look for wires that are exposed to damp or wet areas, wires that pop out of the protective coating, wires hanging from ceilings or walls, and more. They check all things wiring and repair where necessary.

Lastly, your residential electrical company Parker electrician will ensure safety around the ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). These are devices that are installed on outlets. They detect irregularities like moisture or water in the outlet, and cut off the power supply if irregularities are noted. Your electrician will make sure that these are in working condition at all times. 

Whether you rent or own your own home, if you’re still not sure when the last time your residence was serviced by an electrician, it doesn’t hurt to schedule a home visit. This will put your mind at ease!

Preparing for a Home Visit

Before you call your local electrician, write down the worrisome details you want them to look at. You will also need to clear away valuable belongings and furniture from the areas you are expecting them to service. Regardless of whether you think it’s an emergency or not, it is up to the electrician to decide if it is. When an electrician has decided that it’s a good idea to come down and service the problem, be as detailed and thorough with your problem as possible, so your residential electrical company Parker technician knows exactly how to handle it. You’ll also want to take note of the electrical panel box to ensure it is readily accessible for your electrician. If there is anything else you want the electrician to know about your home, now is the ideal time to tell them. For example, you may have records of your home that can help your electrician make decisions for correct service.

Sometimes, some electrical work can be done safely from home. But, if it seems like a daunting project, don’t do it yourself! Call a master electrician.

Not sure when the last time was that you had a home visit from your residential electrical company? When you have the electrical system in your house inspected, it protects your home and family from potential hazards. If it’s time for you to have your home or commercial inspection done by a trusted technician, the team at New Electric has you covered. Schedule an appointment today!

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