Do Electricians Do Free Estimates?

A good company will not only take time to listen to your needs, but they’ll provide services based on those needs. This should be no different with an electrician. They’ll service your home or business and offer an estimate free of charge, but this will usually be a rough estimate of the overall cost per hour. Just so you know what your local electrical company in Highlands Ranch has to offer, let’s take a look at what makes up a free estimate based on your service needs.

The Cost of Electrical Handiwork

More often than not, your electrical company in Highlands Ranch will probably charge by the hour, but come up with a fair estimate overall. You can expect to pay anywhere between $141 to $6,000, for the absolute largest electrical work. So, what can cost a whopping $6,000, you ask? Well, larger electrical jobs consist of wiring installation or replacing an entire electrical panel; this alone is $2,000. If the electrician is rewiring a house, they go by the square foot, with an average total of $7,000 at most. Home electrical rewiring is a process, and this cost covers wires, panels and other materials that are required to get your home functioning properly. For example, a three-bedroom home rewire will cost between $2,000 and $6,000.

Today’s homes need to be upgraded to fit a 200 amp electrical panel. If you have an older home, chances are you only have about 60 amps delivered. Because of technology today, homes should be updated regularly.

An apprentice electrician can charge $45 an hour, whereas a master electrician will charge $100 or more. From apprentice to journeyman to master, all of these electricians are cut from the same cloth; however, their education may differ. A master electrician will have a more detailed education than an apprentice. The master electrician also oversees the journeyman and the apprentice, and is capable of handling tasks that both the apprentice and journeyman are not licensed to accomplish. 

Getting a Quote for Electrical Work

Keep in mind, there are commercial and residential electrical services, and these differ from one another. Commercial electrical jobs can be a larger operation, so the quote for this type of job is going to depend upon many things. When you’re calling your local electrical company in Highlands Ranch for a quote for your commercial property, you will want to find out if they follow OSHA guidelines. Have you worked with them in the past? If not, what kind of reputation do they have? Find out their availability, along with their price and the type of insurance they carry. You will also want to find out if they offer a guarantee or a warranty with their services. A quote isn’t just finding the overall cost of something; it is all of the amenities that go with it that make the quote worth the service.

For residential electrical work, you may have some minor or major details that need tending to. With multiple electricians available, it could be difficult to get just one quote. Start with their reviews and ask others who have worked with their residential services. You may want to check out their website to see what kind of services come along with free estimates. They may offer a free estimate for an add-on or upgrade to an electrical work that you need in your home.

Nothing is ever guaranteed free; however, exceptional service and reliability should be guaranteed at all times. New Electric provides fair pricing and great service for all commercial and residential properties. They are available 24/7 and are fully and licensed, insured and bonded with 45 years of experience. Request their services today!

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