What to Look for in an Electrical Contractor?

An electrical contractor is a service professional who has been trained and educated in the basics of electricity. There are a few forms of electricians, from Master Electrician to Journeyman, and each will service your home slightly differently than the other. But one aspect stands true: any electrical contractor Littleton professional will uphold the highest standards when it comes to the service they provide. So when you’re in need of a trusted contractor for your home’s rewire, follow these helpful tips for finding the right one. 

Maintains Good Reviews

Reviews can make or break a business and handyman. If you read negative reviews more than you read positive, chances are that this contractor needs to reevaluate his business and they are not the electrical contractors Littleton team you want to do the job. If you see a mix of good and bad reviews, pay attention to what the negative reviews say. Sometimes it’s a staffing or friendly service issue that gets businesses this kind of review. Oftentimes you’ll read reviews that say “great work done by experts, but they can use a friendlier desk crew”. While it’s more appealing to be welcome by the staff and crew, it’s more important that they get the job done right. The business also maintains good reviews by keeping up with their negative or conflicting comments. They respond to each one in a timely manner, and work with the customer to fix the problem. 

Obtains a Valid License with Insurance

All professional electrical contractors Littleton team members must be licensed and insured. You want someone who has two forms of credibility, because that means they’ve taken their career seriously. Someone who may have been in the business years ago, but no longer practices, may not carry these valid documents. They may be less expensive, but you’re putting you, your family, your home, and even the non-licensed or insured contractor at risk. Electrical contractors must carry valid license and insurance at all times when they perform a job. It’s the law, and almost all states require it!

Safety Standards 

A professional contractor will only practice the highest safety standards when performing any electrical job on your commercial or residential property. All electrical contractors need to provide you with documentation stating that they have gone through proper training and safety procedures. 

Experience and Reliability 

Your electrician should have years of experience and a reputation of being reliable. The company may claim to be the most reliable in the area, but before you take their word for it, check with customers who have used their services. If they’re an experienced and reliable team of electricians, their customers will share their experiences. It’s wise to note how many years they have been in the electrical field, too. Someone who has a family business may have had years under their belt and are popular in the area. 

Quality of Work

This coincides with reviews and testimonials about their service and the electrical contractors Littleton team. What is their work ethic, and how did they stand up to a recent electrical assignment? Was it completed in a timely fashion, and did they fully finish the work? Electrical maintenance can be a tough gig, and sometimes takes more time to complete. These experts can run into any number of issues that they’re prepared to face. But, the key is that they produced a top-notch end result. 

Your handy electrical contractor should be ready to face the most arduous job for your commercial or residential home. Our team at New Electric has residential and commercial experience to service all of your home rewires, vehicle charging station, home automation, lighting, and more. Drop us a message today to book your appointment! 

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