Benefits of Hiring a Master Electrician

There are electrician apprentices, there are journeymen, and then there are master electricians. Apprentices are just getting started in the trade, becoming a journeyman requires additional training and working toward a master electrician certification is like earning a Ph.D. If you’re on the search for someone to work on electrical systems you should know about the benefits of hiring a master electrician.

Master Electrician Training

To achieve a master electrician level, an experienced journeyman must complete an additional 4,000 hours of experience on the job and that’s on top of the 8,000 hours that was required to achieve journeyman status. The experience requirement has to be completed in two years after which the candidate is capable of drawing electrical blueprints, solving complex problems, mentoring other apprentices and journeymen, and more. Journeymen are fully capable electrical professionals. Master electricians are all that and more. 


The responsibilities of a journeyman electrician are extensive including all the usual services you’d expect them to perform like installing electrical components in new construction and replacing them in older homes. A master electrician is capable of completing all of those jobs, but they can also work directly with your contractor on plans and blueprints, work on permits, ensure installations will pass code, and more. The most experienced and knowledgeable professionals available for hire are the masters. 

Trust the safety of your home

Hiring a master electrician can provide peace of mind knowing that a knowledgeable professional was on hand to make sure all the electrical components of your home were properly and safely installed. And if the electrical system inside your home is more complicated than most, a master electrician won’t miss a beat. The master electrician is truly an expert in their field and from that experience and study, you will benefit.   

The value of experience

What you’re getting by hiring a master electrician is the value of experience. These professionals typically have eight years, most many more, on the job. And few to any other skilled trades have a bar set this high to achieve master status. These professionals are also required to complete continuing education each year so you can trust that your master electrician is up to speed on the latest technology, too.

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